Invitation Showcase


As a seasoned designer and a lover of all things stationery since those childhood 'fancy paper' days,  I simply adore stationery. So when it came to designing my own wedding invitation I had so many ideas and was so excited. The real challenge was honing these ideas down. Everyone's story on how they first met their true love is unique and special, and with me and my husband that was no different. Love at first sight, magical adventures around the globe and sharing special family moments, it's really what fairy tales are made of. I wanted our wedding Invitation to reflect our personality and story as they would with yours.

The Invitation itself is a trifold on pearly card, with a monogram of our initials L and B intertwined on the front against some of our favorite colours. Inside we have an illustration of our wedding venue, the beautiful and charming Castle Leslie. With an illustrated poem on the back describing how we first met and the adventure that brought us on to our wedding day. Every word and design element is personal to us and reflects us in some way. Even the wax seal stamp was purchased on a precious family holiday in the south of Italy in a quaint little artisan paper shop.

The rest of the wedding detail and design, wedding website, table plan, table names, menus and place names...all branched out from the same concept, look and feel of the wedding Invitation. I hope you like the fruits of our wedding invitation love.

Perfect Moments Wedding Invitation
Perfect Moments Monogram Wax Seal
Perfect Moments LB Invitation Suite
Perfect Moments LB Mass Booklet
Perfect Moments LB Table Plan
Perfect Moments LB Menu Cards, Tablenames
Perfect Moments LB Table names / Table Numbers
Perfect Moments LB Thank You